About us

How We Got Started

Penny and Hoover are miniature pigs. They are the inspiration behind Penny and Hoover's Pig Pen. Penny and Hoover are 4 years old. Currently, they weigh in around 120 pounds (Penny) and 260 pounds (Hoover). They live in my home, in Clifton, Maine.

I very much dislike shopping, except when it comes to my pets. They are generally the first to have their Christmas presents bought and wrapped and stockings stuffed. While searching for fun items like harnesses and clothing, I found it near impossible to find what I wanted. So, we went on an adventure and founded Penny and Hoover's Pig Pen.

What's Next?

Currently, we are offering collars for cats and dogs, harnesses for pigs, and leashes for all. We will be adding clothing for all, cat toys, pet beds, and other accessories.


Can We Help You?

Are you looking for something specific that you are not seeing on our site? Maybe you've found the color you like, but not in the size or width you need? Perhaps you are looking for something unique that you've been unable to find on the internet? Let us know! We have many more colors available and many patterns for those hard to find clothing items.